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Mo' Soul - Episode 4

Welcome back to Mo' Soul Episode 4

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has rolled by here and checked out the Mixcloud page, your comments are hugely appreciated!

The Impressions get us off on the Good Foot with their 1967 hit, 'We're A Winner' on ABC Records. Recorded in front of a live audience, this Curtis Mayfield penned and produced 45 hit number 1 on the R&B chart and went on to become an anthem for the Civil Rights Movement in the late 60's.

Hugh Masekela's 'Puffin' On Down The Track' is a great little cheapie which IMHO deserves far more plays out than it currently seems to be getting.
The track only reached #71 in the US charts, possibly due to it's marijuana connotations in the title and saw Masekela subsequently arrested for possession shortly after.

'Cussin' Cryin' & Carryin' On' was a track I chased for a while and finally snapped up a copy not too long ago. It's been sampled a fair few times, notably by The 45 King, Big Daddy Kane and LootPack. A quality drum break!

The Young Disciples take on 'Crumbs From The Table' was another illusive 45 which seemed to take an age for me to bag. Much harder to find on Gateway records than 'Bang Bang Bang', this always does the business on the dancefloor.

The St. Vincent's Supersound Latinaires Orchestra were a hotel house band from the island of St Vincent in the Caribbean. To my knowledge the 9 piece outfit only put out one LP, which is well sought after amongst collectors, hitting around $1300 if you can find an original copy. Luckily it's been reissued, which is good news as both this Bobby Byrd cover and a heavy version of Willie Bobo's 'Roasted Or Fried' which feature are huge tunes on the Deep Funk scene.

There's not much information kicking around about The Over Night Low. They hailed from Dayton, Ohio and released one other 45 on Chess records. The group were rumoured to be Sun performing under a pseudonym but this is unsubstantiated. This 45 is another popular Deep Funk tune from 1972 on the King Records subsidiary Deluxe.

The Chakachas were a Dutch Latin group which released a fair amount of material through the 50's and 60's. This 45 broke onto the emerging US Disco scene and sold over 1 million copies, reaching #8 in the charts there. Controversially 'Jungle Fever' was cold shouldered this side of the pond by the BBC on account of the moans and groans throughout the track, which they amusingly took to be pornographic in nature!

The Chakachas

Next up a visit to Memphis and this lesser known B-side from Carla Thomas, daughter of Stax legend Rufus Thomas. I love this 45 and it was nice to be able to pull it out and give it another airing here for you today.

'Jimmy Mack' may be somewhat of a Motown standard but that doesn't make it any less of a personal favourite to me. Penned by the creative tour de force of Holland-Dozier-Holland, this was at one point shelved by Motown's quality control due to the lyrical content and the feelings towards the Vietnam war.

Volt Record's 'Blind Alley' is arguably one of the building blocks in Hip Hop. This instantly recognisable drum break has been sampled from everyone from Mariah Carey to EPMD. Originally formed under their father's guidance, the group consisted of three of Joseph Hutchinson's daughters, and also included himself on guitar. They may be better known for their later collaboration with Earth, Wind & Fire on 'Boogie Wonderland' which was a top 10 disco hit in 1979.

Jackie Wilson is my hands down favourite Soul male vocalist of all time. 'Be Sincere' is one of his lesser known records and only just broke into the top 100 in 1967, the same year he had success with 'Higher & Higher'. This is a fantastic record in its own right which really showcases his vocal talents.

This Gil Hamilton cut is from 1962 on Vee Jay Records. He also performed under the name of Johnny Thunder and still tours on cruises around the Caribbean.

This Sam Cooke track is a world away from the honey voiced ballads you may be more more familiar with from him. This is the 1965 follow up to 'Shake' and is a full on R&B dance floor destroyer!

Bob & Gene used both their father's basement and his Mo Do record label to record and release several sought after Soul gems. 'Your Name' was the first release on the label and has been reissued a short while back from the folks at Daptone Records.

Bob & Gene

Into the R&B back straight and next up is The Objectives, a Jason Perlmutter ( discovery from a few years back. This Carolina record on the Jewel label is picking up plays as it's also popular for the B-side with ballad collectors as well as R&B aficionados.

Next up is a fantastic 45 I picked up off a London dealer a few years back. Li'l Millet & His Creoles recorded this in 1955 on Art Rupe's Speciality record label. 'Rich Woman' was his first 45 on the label and has since been covered by several artists. Li'l Millet was also notably renowned as the co-writer on Little Richard's 'All Around The World'. It's a great Nola romp which deserves more plays!

The Jukebox Jam guys not only put on decent nights in and around London but they also tirelessly knock out consistent and quality re-issues and rare unreleased versions on their own 45 label. This Ervin Rucker 45 is no exception. A serious R&B dance floor romp from 1959, it was originally released on the Duplex label. The JBJ release was limited to 500 copies so be sure to grab it while you still can.

Next up is Carlton King Coleman who hits us for six with this zany 45 on the King label.
He was a man of many talents, radio jockey, musician and actor, even grabbing a part in Bad Boys 2. Coleman previously dropped the vocals on Nat Kendrick's '(Do The) Mashed Potatoes', as well as a healthy catalogue of releases under his own name.

Carlton 'King' Coleman

Tastemaker, Wardell Querzegue and his 14 piece outfit, The Sultans give us 'Dance Time' next. Those of you familiar with the New Orleans sound will no doubt heard Querzegue's name banded around. Called upon to produce and direct artists when that special Nola vibe was needed, he takes the reins here and injects that party feel on this Imperial records instrumental.

Closing out Episode 4 is a 45 that's a huge favourite of mine. Stax legend, Eddie Floyd's, 'I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)' hit #2 on the US R&B charts back in 1967 and still does the business 46 years later!

Enjoy today's Episode and be sure to drop by here regularly for more of the 'Good Stuff'


Track List

The Impressions - We're A Winner - ABC Records

Hugh Masekela - Puffin' On Down The Track - UNI

Ike & Tina Turner - Cussin', Cryin' & Carryin' On - Pompeii

The Young Disciples - Crumbs From The Table - Gateway

St. Vincent's Supersound Latinaires Orchestra - Hot Pants I'm Coming -Soulfrière

Over Night Low - The Witch Doctor (Catches "Jungle Fever") - Deluxe

Chakachas - Jungle Fever - Polydor

Carla Thomas - Separation - Stax

Martha & The Vandellas - Jimmy Mack - Tamla Motown

The Emotions - Blind Alley - Volt

Jackie Wilson - Just Be Sincere - Brunswick

Gil Hamilton - Move & Groove - Vee Jay

Sam Cooke - It's Got The Whole World Shakin' - RCA Victor

Bob & Gene - Your Name - Mo Do

The Objectives - Love Went Away - Jewel Records

Li'l Millet & His Creoles - Rich Woman - Speciality

Ervin Rucker & The Blues Night Hawks Orchestra - Done Done The Slop - Slopp Records (JBJ)

Carlton (King) Coleman - The Boo Boo Song Pt 1 - King

Wardell & The Sultans - Dance Time - Imperial

Eddie Floyd - I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do) - Stax


Mo' Soul - Episode 4 by Mo' Soul on Mixcloud

The Banana Splits - Doin' The Banana Split

Cartoon-esque kiddie Funk written by none other than 'The Walrus Of Love', Mr Barry White!

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Bizarre Album Covers Part 1

It's not only what's in the Grooves that counts! Check out these gems...

Selling Your 'Soul'

James Brown - Japanese Miso Soup / Noodles - 1992

Stevie Wonder - TDK Cassettes- 1980

Aretha Franklin - Prodigy Internet 1999

The Platters & Kool And The Gang - Schlitz Malt Liquor - 1981

Ray Charles - Diet Pepsi - 1990

Ray Charles - Diet Pepsi - 1991

Aretha Franklin - Pepsi The Joy Of Cola - 1999

Ray Charles - Peugeot 306 Cabrio - 1994

Stevie Wonder - Kodak - 1988

The Four Tops - Velveeta Shells & Cheese - 1997

California Raisins With Ray Charles - 1988

The Commodores - Schlitz Malt Liquor - 1979

Teddy Pendergrass - Schlitz Malt Liquor - 1982

Cut Chemist's Vinyl Collection (Crate Diggers)

Mel Torme - Comin' Home Baby (Judy Garland Show)