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Mo' Soul - Episode 3

Welcome back to Mo' Soul - Episode 3

We kick off with a nice downbeat soul tune from Cresa Watson. It looks like this 45 was also released under the pseudonym of Carolyn Sullivan as well as seeing several other outfits taking the backing track and sticking their own spin over the top. Major Bill Smith, the label owner, obviously wanted this slice of Texas soul to break into the mainstream in one way or another. The made for hip hop break from the front end of the track has also previously been sampled by Busta Rhymes and Pete Rock and still proves to be pretty difficult to turn up.

Music (I Like It) was Benny Sharp and The Sharpies comeback 45 on Midas Records from back in 1969. Released after a three year gap, it kicks off with another heavy drum break before dropping into a a tasty bass led groove. This is a record I've not given an airing to in sometime and it justly gets one on this episode for you.

Curley Moore and David Robinson, on the rarer Orbitone Label, are two 45s pulled here from the Eddie Bocage stable. Both records are fantastic examples of the opposite ends to Eddie Bo's writing and producing talents.

Heading towards Chicago and next up is Alvin Cash with his take on the 'Twine Time' dance craze of the late 60s. Pulling together three of his younger teenage siblings he formed 'The Crawlers' and recorded this on the Mar-V-Lus label under the watchful eye of Andre Williams. The record went on to sell in excess of 1 million copies, no mean feat in the sixties, despite many radio stations refusing to play it due to its 'suggestive intro'.

Alvin Cash & The Crawlers

'Panderman' is a tasty 'Whitfield' styled 70s funk builder, which at around the price of a pint offers plenty of bang for its buck. It's quite easy to see why the 45 broke into the billboard top 100!

"I'm In Love With You" is from the latter end of my collection. Released in 1981, it's a slice of disco tinged Midwest Soul recorded at Oliver Sain's Archway Studios. Slick production and honeyed vocals make this a must own record IMHO.

This Clausel 45 has been getting a lot of attention recently from DJs and collectors alike. After hearing it in tastemaker, Dr Bob Jones' set, I decided that I absolutely had to own this massive record. A quick listen to its infectious bass line will show exactly why it has been commanding three figures in auctions recently.

This grail crossover record from The Continental Showstoppers has been doing the business on dance floors across the Funk, Northern and Soul scenes. With the original extremely difficult to procure, the Soul7 reissue has been taken direct from the 1/4 master tape and is a welcome addition to my crates.

Probably better known for his 1970 hit, 'Theme From M*A*S*H*', Al De Lory's 'Right On' is a fantastic feel good Northern Soul instrumental. The strings on this are utterly fantastic, a real Northern anthem record!

Joe Simon has an extensive discography spanning the best part of 20 years. This 1974 Northern Soul stomper was a big favourite at The Mecca and rightly so! Just so good!

A big favourite of mine, Darrell Banks hailed from Ohio and after a church background, moved over to secular music and signed for the Revilot Label, named after a local club in Buffalo. His 1966 Revelot single ‘Open The Door To Your Heart’ backed with Our Love (Is In The Pocket) was shrouded with controversy as his friend Donnie Elbert, who had written the track with Banks was omitted from the contractual writing credits on the 45, giving Banks full royalties. This went on to be settled in court in Donnie Elbert’s favour. All in all a pretty big mess up when you realise the single went on to sell over a million copies, which wasn’t something to be sniffed at back then!

Darrell Banks

Darrell Banks went onto release a total of two albums and seven 45s before he was shot dead in Detroit by an off duty policeman, Aaron Bullock in 1970. Bullock was seeing Darrell Banks' ‘girlfriend’ Marjorie Bozeman at the time. When he dropped her back off at her home one morning, Darrell Banks was waiting for her, aparently wanting to talk. After a scuffle involving all three of them, Banks pulled a gun on the officer who responded by shooting him in the neck and chest with his own .22 revolver.

He died in the New Grace Hospital from his injuries aged just 32, although strangely some sources cite his age as being 35. (There was also never any court case or legal action following his death?)

Back to the Funk with Bobby Powell's 1971 Whit release 'Love Man'. This is a punchy dance floor destroyer with fatback drums and easily falls into the 'cheapies' bracket. A great addition to the crates.

'Big Ladies Man' follows this along nicely. This is a great record from the Phi L.A. of Soul stable which made #9 on the US Black Singles Chart.

Into the finish with a trio of New Orleans records. First up is 'Nine Cents Of Chances', a new acquisition from a recent digging trip. the song writers credits on this one are penned under the name 'Naomi Neville' which was NOLA legend, Allen Toussaint's mother's maiden name. He used this pseudonym to get around a clause in his contract with RCA Records to secure writing credits. Released in 1962 this is a great R&B record!

Joe Banashak's Seven B label gives us a one off Soul gem next. Overseen by none other than Eddie Bo again, this is a quirky one off record from Pat Brown released before she slipped back into obscurity. The good folks at Jazzman Records have recently included this in a great Seven B box set of 45s, so be sure to grab it while you can!

Lee Dorsey is an artist most of you will have heard of at some point but this B-Side often gets overlooked on account of it being the less played flip to 'Get Out Of My Life Woman. Pure quality and a track I'm glad to be able to share and close off this mix for you all with.

I hope you enjoy listening to Episode 3 as much as I did putting it together for you. Be sure to drop by here for more of the 'Good Stuff' in between episodes.

Stay safe and I'll see you on the flipside!



Cresa Watson - Dead - Charay

Benny Sharp & The Sharpies - Music (I Like It) Pt 1 - Midas Records

Curley Moore & The Ones - Funky Yeah - Pye International

Alvin Cash &The Crawlers - Twine Time - Mar-V-Lus

Brinkley & Parker - Panderman - Darnel Records Ltd

Carol Dionne - I'm In Love With You Pt.1 - Gateway Records

Clausel - Let Me Love You - Up Right Records

The Continental Showstoppers - Not Too Young - Soul7 Records

Al De Lory & Mandango - Right On - Capitol

Joe Simon - The Girl's Alright With Me - Soundstage 7

Darrell Banks - Open The Door To Your Heart - Revilot Records

David Robinson - I Like It Like It Is - Orbitone

Bobby Powell - Love Man - Whit

The People's Choice - Big Ladies Man - Phil-L.A Of Soul

Raymond Lewis - Nine Cents Of Chances - Instant

Pat Brown - The Good Got To Suffer For The Bad - Seven B

Lee Dorsey - So Long - Stateside


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