Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mo' Soul - Episode 2

Welcome back to Mo' Soul - Episode 2!

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who took the time out to listen to Episode 1. Your comments and feedback are hugely appreciated and it makes it all worthwhile to know that there are others with an interest in the music that I love so much.

For me, being able to share some of the records in my collection is an exciting thought. If even one of these records catches your ear, turns a head, helps pass the time or keeps you amused then it will be mission accomplished!

So another 50 and something minutes of the good stuff is ready for you over at Mixcloud.

I'm kicking things off with Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat Song. Not a stone cold rarity by any means but this is a comforting 50s Calypso tinged number which I love and could happily play all day long. It's proves that records don't need to cost the earth to be great and this one stands up just as well as any other.

The Lost Generation 45 is a recent discovery which has been getting a bit of a hammering lately. A fabulous slice of Chicago soul that generated enough profit to see Brunswick Records able to buy itself out of its parent company, Decca and go it alone.

Keeping it on a Soulful tip I've also included a few other gems from the crates. George Benson, The Precisions and Dorando are all quality stand alone records in their own right and have been getting some solid plays out on the Soul scene recently.

Enjoy today's mix and I'll be back on the flip side with Episode 3



Belafonte - The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) - RCA

Neice Dezel - It Doesn't Matter - J&S Records

The Imaginations - I Love You, More (Than Anyone) - Bacon Fat Records

The Festivals - Gee Baby - Colossus

Myron & E With The Soul Investigators - On Broadway - Timmion Records

The Lost Generation - You're So Young But You're So True - Brunswick

Jackie Day - What's The Cost? - Speciality

Darrell Banks - Somebody, Somewhere - Revilot Records

Don Thomas - Come On Train (Ian Parton Remix) - New State

The Mixed Emotions - Am I Imposing - Rock-way

Ellipsis - People - SoulSeven

Willis Wooten - Your Love Is Indescribably Delicious - Virtue

Johnnie Morisette - I'm Hungry - J&J / BBE

Judge Suds & The Soul Detergents - The (Rockin') Courtroom - Red Cap/BBE

Ruby Lee - I'm Going To Put A Watch On You (24 Hours A Day) - Poptone Records

Laura Lee - Crumbs Off The Table - Hot Wax

The Precisions - If This Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely) - Drew

George Benson - My Woman's Good To Me - A&M Records

Dorando - Didn't I - Music City


Mo' Soul - Episode 2 by Mo' Soul on Mixcloud

Mo' Soul - Episode 1

So here we go with Episode 1!

This is a touch under 50 minutes of straight up stone cold Soul and Funk to hopefully brighten your day and give you a short taste of things to come.

I've recently been spending a lot of time digging back through some long forgotten corners of my collection, having finally gotten round to filing my records in some semblance of order.

There's a few sides within this mix that are I'm really glad to be able to share with you. Arthur Griswold, Glenda Dove, Lee Fields and Nick Waterhouse to name but a few. The last 2 are new artists who both deserve your ears, as well as your support!

The Lee Fields 45 is, in my humble opinion, one of the best records that was released in 2012 and should be something that touches anyone with even a passing interest in Soul music. Nick Waterhouse has been putting a refreshing spin on R&B as well and his 45 releases lately are a welcome addition to my collection.

The Ike and Tina Turner track that I close the mix out with is one of my top 10 records. In true 'High Fidelity' style don't ask me exactly where though as we'll be here all day long! This was a record that was introduced to me by my best friend, also a fellow collector and always reminds me of good times, as only music can!

As a record, it is as good as any, wrought with emotion and an underlying feeling which is very hard to describe. I discovered it during a point in my record collecting when I was turning up a lot of good music but even after all these years, it still sounds as exciting and fresh as the day I first heard it!

Anyway, enough rambling! Strap in, turn up the volume and I'll see you back here soon with Episode 2.



Brothers By Choice - Baby You Really Got Me Going - ALA Records

Arthur Griswold & The Organics - Pretty Mama Blues - Toledo

Jimmy Robins - I Can't Please You - Jerhart

Nick Waterhouse - I Can Only Give You Everything - ILRecords

The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter - A&M Records

Vicki Anderson - You're Welcome Stop On By - Polydor

Bobby Bland - I'm Tired - Duke

St. Louis Union - Respect - Decca

Lee Austin (The Burner) - Gimme Your Hand - Identify

Family Of Eve - I Want To Be Loved By You - Lotus Land

Pat Lewis - No One To Love - Solid Hit

Lee Fields & The Expressions - You're The Kind Of Girl -Truth & Soul

Bill Doggett & Orchestra - Funky Feet - Chumley Records

Glenda Dove - It's Gotta Be Something Else - Lucky Dove

Little Buck - Little Boy Blue - Seven B

Joe Tex - You Said A Bad Word - Mercury

Ike & Tina Turner - It's All Over - Warner Bros


Mo' Soul - Episode 1 by Mo' Soul on Mixcloud

Welcome To Mo' Soul

Welcome to Mo' Soul!

I thought it best I put virtual pen to paper and post some sort of introduction up here to my shiny new little corner of the Internet!

I have been a record collector for well over 20 years now and in that time my tastes have evolved and changed. I started out collecting Indie and Metal before getting into Hip Hop and Breaks in the golden decade of the 90's.

After becoming increasingly inquisitive into the roots of the samples and hooks in amongst my collection, I started to dig back into the enormous world of Soul and funk music. It didn't take too long before I was well and truly sucked in and now many hours spent digging and several thousand records later here we are.

This new corner of the Internet will play host to what will hopefully become a regular podcast of predominantly Soul based music as well as a few other bits and pieces that you may find interesting and entertaining.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and please don't forget to subscribe to the Blog as well as following me on Mixcloud where I'll be uploading my mixes to.