Wednesday, 2 April 2014

***NEW*** Lee Fields & The Expressions - Magnolia Video/Single Release

"Magnolia" was shot in an afternoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the hometown of Lee Fields, Plainfield, New Jersey. A quote from Lee Fields himself via his facebook page:

"Is it true: "Artists Are Supposed To Suffer For Art's Sake?" We filmed a video out in the cold on Monday and Tuesday and boy was it cold in New York. Did someone say 'how cold was it?' It was so cold It felt like the family jewels had icicles hanging off of them. It was so cold my buttocks felt like two blocks of ice in my back pockets. On a serious note, I hope you like the video."

"Magnolia" is a beautiful song with mostly uplifiting lyrics about the singer's lover or girlfriend, but there is also a strong air of longing and sadness to the music. The vision for the video came from, Marty Michels, the director of "Magnolia", his concept was to emulate the same sense of feelings with the video that the song has

Pre-order the first 45 off of the new Lee Fields & The Expressions album, "Emma Jean". 

Side A hears the refreshed cover of the JJ Cale track, "Magnolia," that embodies the late, great American singer-songwriter and the Tulsa Sound he helped create. 

While Side B is the 45-only, drummed up version of "Talk To Somebody," a track about impossible relationships with negative people. 

Lee says it best "Why do your hard times, have to be my hard times?"


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