Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Gentleman Rudeboy Featuring MC D'Oxman, Ramrock Records sampler

Respected black dance music DJ Jo Wallace was commissioned to create a bespoke track to accompany this summer's must see exhibition 'Return of the Rudeboy' by its creators, Dean Chalkley and Harris Elliott.

In order to deliver the track in a limited vinyl format, Jo had to create a label....thus, Ramrock was born. Tipping the brim of a pork pie hat in the direction of the glorious heyday of Jamaican rocksteady, Jo tailored the sound to fit the flavour of the exhibition - more Argyle socks than on the rocks.

Gathering together the production skills of the legendary Ashley Beedle, the talents of musical supremo Darren Morris and the mighty MC D'Oxman, Jo oversaw the whole project in the studio even lending a hand on backing vocals and percussive teacup.

'Gentleman Rudeboy' is a track that will continue to fill dancehalls for many years to come....welcome to the world of Ramrock

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