Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Smith & The Honey Badgers Kickstarter Project

Smith & The Honey Badgers want to press 300 copies of their first single on 7" vinyl. Hard funk and sweet soul belong on a 45!

Smith & The Honey Badgers formed in 2013 and are an 8 piece funk and soul band based in East London.
Brought together in the summer of 2013, we live by the mantra that soul music belongs to the beloved format of vinyl.

In January this year with help from friends new and old spanning the length of the country, we decided to record our first EP. The sessions took place in a large bedroom in Hackney and we recorded live, straight to half inch tape. We put the finishing touches to the tracks at Goldtop Studios in Tooting Bec and had them mastered in Cardiff, Wales.

After much deliberation we've decided that our next move will be to press two of our tunes onto vinyl. 45's are the preferred listening format for funk and soul fans and collectors (we include ourselves in those ranks) so we've chosen the 7" single as the home for our debut release. Each vinyl, once pressed, will be lovingly stamped by our band logo (see above) by our very own hands.

We've had lot of positive feedback on the tunes so far and are hoping to use the vinyl for promo purposes as well as to sell to fans who make the effort to come to our live shows. This initial investment will allow the us to continue to release 45's, which we plan to turn out at a rate of 1 every 6-9 months so we can continue to fill your boots :)

With most of the hard bits out the way, we are now turning to you, you wonderful people, to help us make this happen! If you have any questions then please get in touch, but thank you in advance for your pledges!

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