Sunday, 19 May 2013

GED Soul Records Kickstarter Campaign - Help Release 3 LPs From 3 Soul Artists in 2013


For a label with a studio that charges nothing for time or engineering, you would think that the money from sales of our previous records would give us the ability to put out more. DeRobert & The Half-Truths, the label's most identifiable project, receives contact from fans all the time to put out more music or play a show in this city or that one.  

It has now been nearly two years since we have been able to put out a full length album on LP and CD from any band because of pressing costs. In that time, three incredible groups have been hard at work on their new albums and all three are in the mixing stage with no prospect of a release date. 

As our biography describes, GED Soul Records is a musician owned and run label. The community of musicians that have played on all three of these albums (including the purveyors of the label) do what they do because of a genuine belief in the quality of the music that is created together.  

Money from our menial jobs plus the financial help from our friends, families, and musicians pay for the records that we have spread throughout the world. By all appearances, our business operation should be doing much better than it actually is as we have managed to attract soul music lovers from all over the world. The reality is that we need to turnaround our manner of fundraising for pressing records in order to give us any chance of having a viable business for the future. The only way we can change the course of this recording and selling operation is with your help. 

We are sitting on 3 LPs as well as several 45s. You are investing in our label's future. 

The Goal: 

Help us release 3 amazing raw funk and heavy soul records in 2013! It has been three years since DeRobert & The Half-Truths released a full length album and the music that has taken shape is some of the group's best.  

The Coolin' System, a classic soul-jazz instrumental group, came into the studio in May 2012 to record a full album of some of the funkiest tunes they had in their arsenal. They have been on an indefinite hiatus since and the incredibly tight record has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust, just waiting to be mixed and released.  

AJ & The Jiggawatts, the newest group in the roster released a heavy 45 on the label over a year ago and have been working steady ever since to put together the most rockin' soul album the label has ever heard. Will the world get to hear any of this music anytime soon? Not without your help. 

The Rewards!!: 

Take a look at the fabulous prizes! Everything that we offer is put together by us, musicians who design every piece of artwork, hand screen print every shirt, and mail every piece of product. Keep in mind that we will send out mp3's of everything along with the physical product. You are helping a crew of Nashville Soul musicians to finally put out 3 incredible records without acquiring a huge amount of debt.

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